SAN FRANCISCO: Paying to park on Sunday could come to an end

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San Francisco’s mayor is asking the city’s transportation officials to overturn the year old policy of forcing drivers to pay for parking on Sunday afternoons… (more)

The reason the Mayor gives is that half of the Sunday revenue is coming from traffic tickets, (not what we have heard from SFMTA), and he feels that nickle and dimming people is just not fair, especially since they are getting ready to ask for us to approve a 500 million dollar in bond. We have heard they want 3 billion, but in this case he is saying 500 million.
At any rate, now is the time to get your comments and letters to the city authorities if you haven’t sent one yet, and send another one if you like.

Almost 1,800 ticketed as free Sunday parking ends

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We now know just how many unlucky drivers were hit with a ticket over the weekend as 65 years of free parking on Sundays came to an end.
The Municipal Transportation Agency issued 1,796 meter violations out of a total 2,575 citations on Sunday, as parking officers officially started enforcing the new rule that is expected to net the city an additional $2 million per year. On an average Saturday, about 2,000 citations for all violations, not just meters, are issued, agency spokesman Paul Rose said.
Violators received about 11,000 verbal and written warnings on the three previous Sundays before fines were implemented. Getting ticketed will cost you $72 downtown and $62 in other parts of the city.
So if your plans include driving around town after noon on Sunday, make sure you feed that meter… (more)

Despite concerns of implementation, Sunday meter enforcement moving forward

By: Will Reisman : sfexaminer – excerpt

Despite lingering concerns from business and church groups, a plan to enforce parking meters on Sundays is set to make its debut next month.
Starting Jan. 6, The City’s 29,233 parking meters will be operational from noon to 6 p.m. on Sundays, providing $1.9 million annually for the perennially cash-strapped San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Although Sunday enforcement was approved by the agency’s board of directors back in April, there are still questions about motorists’ ability to pre-pay for meters and park for extended periods of time.
To ease the concerns of churchgoers, who were nervous about having to leave their congregations in the middle of sermons to feed parking meters, the agency said it would allow motorists to pre-pay and park for time periods of up to four hours…
Lazarus said The City’s meters are already confusing, noting that those on Port of San Francisco property are already enforced every day of the year. Enforcing different policies for pre-payment and parking times will only increase that confusion, particularly for out-of-town motorists, he said.
Michael Pappas, executive director of the San Francisco Interfaith Council, said he’s been unsure about what to tell congregations. His organization, comprising different religious groups, is part of an advisory council assembled by the Transportation Agency to provide outreach on the Sunday meter plan…  (more)

I’ll say they are confusing. Last Sunday in North Beach I saw at least three different kinds of Sunday meter messages. Some of the meters had EXPIRED signs, others had FREE, and still others had EXPIRED with small type indicating that Sunday meter enforcement will start January 1, 2013. This doesn’t even take into account the yellow signs taped around the poles that are impossible to read with dates and times on them. What happened to standards?


Muni approves Sunday meter enforcement

By: Will Reisman | SF Examiner Staff Writer – excerpt

Sunday parking meter enforcement finally became a reality in The City, and once again religious leaders came out to blast the plan that was first proposed in 2010.
“Starting Jan. 1, on-street parking meters will be enforced from noon to 6 p.m. Sundays.”…
Budgets approved
The SFMTA locked up its spending plan for the next two fiscal years:

$56.2M Two-year budget deficit transit agency faced
$821M Approved operating budget for 2013 fiscal year
$840.5M Approved operating budget for 2014 fiscal year

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

Much more on this subject:

SFMTA Approves Free Muni To Low-Income Youth, Sunday Parking Meters
(Audio track included) Just heard this morning on Channel 4 news, Sunday metering will go into effect in January. Do they mean January 2013?
SFMTA Board members heard an earful and then some from religious community leaders about a proposal in the new budget to enforce parking meters citywide from noon to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday….
“You should have some grace on Sundays,” another woman told the board.  “It doesn’t matter if you’re in church or not, you get a day when you’re not going to get tickets.”…
“We have to think of the folks that don’t get free transit on Sundays the way people get free parking,” SFMTA director Joel Ramos said. “We  have to start thinking about a different way that we use our streets.”…
The Muni board says it will seek more public comments before the Sunday parking enforcement starts.

SFMTA Board Passes Budget: Sunday Meters, Free Muni for Low-Income Youth
by Aaron Bialick
The SFMTA Board of Directors today approved a two-year budget that calls for parking meter enforcement on Sundays and free Muni passes for low-income youth. The budget must next be finally approved by the Board of Supervisors before it goes into effect on July 1.