SF exploring ways to regulate ride services like Uber, Lyft

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

As many as 4,000 rideshare vehicles are on San Francisco streets during peak times, according to Supervisor Eric Mar.

San Francisco city officials are exploring whether they have legal authority to regulate transportation services such as Uber or Lyft as the taxicab industry continues to complain about impacts to revenue, safety and disability services.

Supervisor John Avalos said Thursday that he is working with the City Attorney’s Office to explore a legal case for imposing certain local regulations.

“We’ve gotten to almost a crisis mode,” Avalos said. “We cannot let [the taxicab] industry fail.”

The so-called transportation network companies emerged out of a movement known as the sharing or peer economy, even though nothing is technically shared since the services cost money. Their growing popularity has created controversy, including with the traditional taxicab industry, which is held to stricter regulatory controls… (more)

Ballot initiative needed to stop the SFMTA’s taxicab medallion sales

By: Peter A. Kirby : SFExaminer – excerpt

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency’s medallion sales programs should end. These programs do not benefit taxi drivers or taxi riders. Rather, these sales and leases benefit cab companies and the agency itself. These sales, and specifically leases to cab companies, will greatly reduce the quality of cab service in San Francisco…
The American form of government, as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, was designed to protect individuals from corporations. But in this situation, we have government working for corporations and oppressing individuals…
Newsham wrote on a blog in 2011: “Deep within the fine print legalese of a mind numbing, ten page ballot proposal, the insiders hid a bomb; three devastating sentences designed to abolish the San Francisco Taxicab Commission and place the cab industry under control of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). Most cunningly, the bill specified that all previous taxicab legislation would be nullified, and henceforth any decree from the SFMTA would automatically be law in the taxicab industry.”…
Reject the selling of medallions entirely; it is a false solution not supported by the law or the voters of San Francisco. Change the terms. Support a ballot initiative. I am confident we can get it done… (more)

Another call for a ballot initiative to curtail SFMTA power. They are racking up the enemies.

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