Muni Proposes New Bus Route, Curbside Transit Lanes on 16th Street

by Aaron Bialick : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

Muni plans to launch a new bus line this month to beef up service along eastern 16th Street, connecting the BART station at Mission Street to the soon-to-open University of California SF hospital at Mission Bay. The 55-16th Street route would complement existing 22-Fillmore service on 16th, extending beyond the 22′s endpoint all the way to the east end of 16th and then north on Third Street towards its terminus at UCSF.

The line is a precursor for plans to add street upgrades, like transit-only lanes and bus bulb-outs, along 16th to speed up the 22-Fillmore. The SFMTA plans to hold its first community meeting for those plans on January 14, and says they will “reduce transit travel time along the length of the corridor by 25 percent.”

The plans are part of the Muni Forward program (previously known as the Transit Effectiveness Project), which calls for the 22 to be re-routed towards Mission Bay on its eastern leg, which the 55 will do. But an SFMTA report [PDF] says the re-route won’t happen for at least five years, since the 22 relies on overhead wires, which would have to be installed along eastern 16th and are impeded by a Caltrain crossing. Instead, diesel buses will be used on the 55 in the interim…

The 55-16th Street is set to launch on January 31, and will be presented to the SFMTA Board of Directors for approval Tuesday, January 20th.

See a map of the route and an overview of transit upgrades proposed for 16th Street… (more)

Those who live in the area will want to let the city officials know how they feel about the plan. Supervisors Wiener, Campos and Cohen should be contacted as the line crosses their districts. These maps do not look like the last version I saw, but I have seen so many, I could be mistaken. Keeping the 22 in tact and adding a second line makes a lot more sense than what I heard SFMTA was planning. Perhaps they listened to their riders.

They also plan to eliminate lanes of traffic on this heavily traveled street, leaving a single lane flowing in each direction from Church Street to 3rd Street, according to some.

Please let the authorities know how you feel about this.

New 55 16th street route headed to board for approval 

SF public transit plans for route changes, new service

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

Muni is slow and unreliable, even by its own admission, and the road to modernizing it has been long and arduous. But today, that could take a turn for the better.

Transit officials this morning are expected to vote on a plan that will ignite the first major service overhaul for San Francisco’s public-transit system in more than 30 years.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board of directors will consider authorizing planned system changes that are part of the Transit Effectiveness Project, including Muni frequency increases and decreases, new routes, realigning routes, eliminating routes, and expanding limited stop service and hours of operation… (more)

A CEQA appeal was filed yesterday to stop the TEP. Does anyone trust the SFMTA to fix the Muni, balance the budget, reduce traffic congestion, make parking easier, or make the trains run on time? If you are one of the millions of frustrated taxpayers who wonder what happens to the public funds SFMTA sucks up and begs for more, you might want to join the efforts to reform the MTA. They are growing in number, but here is one option: Stop SFMTA:…
Be sure to write your grievances in the comments as those go directly to the city authorities.
If you are a Muni rider who disagrees with the TEP, write the supervisors and tell them to deny funding:…

Friday: SFMTA Board Considers Final Proposals for Muni TEP Service Changes

by : sf.streetsblog – excerpt

Service changes to 15 Muni lines are headed to the SFMTA Board of Directors for approval on Friday as part of the Transit Effectiveness Project. The proposals were revised through input at community meetings and approved by the board’s Policy and Governance Committee (PAG) last Friday. Many were fine-tuned largely to appease complaints from riders who would have to walk, at most, a few more blocks for more streamlined routes…

If you can’t make the City Hall board meeting on Friday at 8 a.m., you can weigh in on the proposals by emailing the SFMTA Board secretary at Here’s the list of proposed line changes from an SFMTA email: …

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TEP Service Change Proposals Revised based on Community Feedback

Muni is considering proposed service and route changes as a part of the Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP).  Developed with extensive analysis and community input, the TEP proposals will modernize Muni for its 700,000 daily passengers.

Over the past six weeks, we have conducted extensive outeach and held numerous community meetings about the various TEP service change proposals.  Based on the feedback we received, we have revised the service change proposals for the following routes:

Also due to community input and further analysis, we will not be pursuing any route changes for the following routes at this time:

To provide input or learn more, attend a community meeting.  Visit to give feedback and sign up for updates.  In March, the SFMTA Board will hold a public hearing on the proposed service changes and all community input received.

For more information about upcoming meetings, take a look at the Muni Needs Your Input flyer.

Upcoming Meetings
Click on route numbers below to see details about the proposed changes that will be discussed at each meeting.
St. Gregory’s of Nyssa Episcopal Church, 500 De Haro Street
Routes: 10, 22, 33
City Hall, Room 400
SFMTA Board Special Meeting – Informational Hearing
(Decision will not be made at this hearing.)
City Hall, Room 400
SFMTA Board Special Meeting – TEP Service Change Recommendations
(Decision expected at this meeting.)

For more information, check back on this page, call 415-701-4599, or email  Information on all proposed service changes will be available at all meetings and can be viewed at the Main Library reference desk.

Contact: Sean Kennedy, TEP Planning Manager, (415) 701-4599, email

Muni Transit Effectiveness Project Pilots – excerpt

During the environmental review stage of the Transit Effectiveness Project, Muni is conducting pilot projects to learn more about the travel time and reliability impacts of transit service changes. Learn more about the two current pilot projects: