SF public transit plans for route changes, new service

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

Muni is slow and unreliable, even by its own admission, and the road to modernizing it has been long and arduous. But today, that could take a turn for the better.

Transit officials this morning are expected to vote on a plan that will ignite the first major service overhaul for San Francisco’s public-transit system in more than 30 years.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency board of directors will consider authorizing planned system changes that are part of the Transit Effectiveness Project, including Muni frequency increases and decreases, new routes, realigning routes, eliminating routes, and expanding limited stop service and hours of operation… (more)

A CEQA appeal was filed yesterday to stop the TEP. Does anyone trust the SFMTA to fix the Muni, balance the budget, reduce traffic congestion, make parking easier, or make the trains run on time? If you are one of the millions of frustrated taxpayers who wonder what happens to the public funds SFMTA sucks up and begs for more, you might want to join the efforts to reform the MTA. They are growing in number, but here is one option: Stop SFMTA: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/stop-sfmt…
Be sure to write your grievances in the comments as those go directly to the city authorities.
If you are a Muni rider who disagrees with the TEP, write the supervisors and tell them to deny funding:

SFpark losing real-time street data

by : sfexaminer – excerpt

The City’s SFpark app will lose its real-time information feature for on-street parking occupancy beginning Monday, but the service will continue to be available for garage parking.
The loss in real-time data, which is due to parking-sensor batteries being drained, comes as the pilot phase is being evaluated through spring 2014. Transit officials say key services of the parking app feature have included demand-responsive pricing, longer meter time limits and meters that make it easier to pay… (more)

The SFMTA doesn’t need data to lower the parking rates any more than they needed data to raise them.

One wonders how this loss of data will effect the multitude of parking apps that have sprouted up lately. Are they dependent on this data? One also wonders how much this study costs. Did they break even? When will we get the results of the study?

Funding Snag Could Delay Central Subway

By Chris Roberts : NBCBayArea – excerpt

San Francisco transit officials are anxious over $850 million they need to finish the Central Subway.

A cool $850 million from the feds is needed to complete the funding picture for the 1.7-mile connector from Caltrain to Chinatown, money that the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency doesn’t have — and money that was supposed to be in place in December, the Bay Citizen reported. Federal officials have yet to officially approve the funding, and if they don’t make the move by September, costs on the project could begin to balloon, the Web site reported…

Federal officials did not comment to the Bay Citizen. Activists with Save Muni, a group opposed to the Central Subway “boondoggle,” said that they hoped the delay could go on long enough to kill off the project…

SF transit officials are “running scared,” one member of Save Muni told the Bay Citizen.

(more )

We understand money from both the federal and the state was anticipated. Now it looks doubtful the state will be able to help and the parties in DC. are even less likely to cooperate.