Investing in a Safe and Reliable Muni for the Future

scottwiener – excerpt

5/20/14 — Today I’m introducing a ballot measure that ties Muni funding to population growth. Our city has been growing, and we all see the strain the growth places on our aging transit system. Muni has more than $2 billion in deferred maintenance and doesn’t have enough vehicles. We need to invest in transit to match growth. This proposal will help move us in that direction… (more)

54-Felton Muni bus unreliable, parents say

Justin Berton : sfexaminer – excerpt

For some parents at E.R. Taylor and other schools, relying on the city’s transit system to get their children to school can provide a rough start to the day.

In 2011, due to dwindling enrollment and an aging vehicle fleet, the San Francisco Unified School District began phasing out its yellow school buses and had sidelined half of them by the 2013-14 school year.
Muni stepped in to assist the new class of riders and offered free youth passes to low-income students.
But there are holes in the system. Parents complain on blogs and websites that J-Church trains and buses on the 39-Coit and 22-Fillmore lines are frequently too packed to stop, leaving children behind.
Frustrated parents at E.R. Taylor Elementary took a more direct stand recently. They circulated a petition and complained to Muni officials that the 54-Felton, which serves three schools in the southern part of the city, was often late, overwhelmed or missing-in-action… (more)

Updated: Mapping Bay Area Transportation Mega Projects

by Michael Conrad : – excerpt

Just last month we wrote about Bay Area Transportation Mega Projects, which featured a map of massive transportation projects under or awaiting construction. Readers chimed in about projects we skipped, so we thought it best to update the map. It now includes 15 of the largest projects that will, for better or worse, change the way we travel around our beloved bay region… (more)

Good work!

What Are Some Things The Outside World Would Be Shocked To Learn About Silicon Valley?

Aaron Ginn : sites – excerpt

“..Continual love/ hate relationship with cars. With random street light timing, no parking spots, and an impossible 101, SF does not like cars, but SF refuses to build a good public transit system to link the entire Bay Area. To go anywhere outside SF still requires a car…
No one takes the trolley. Walking is faster. Don’t be that guy hanging on the trolley…
Private bus system. Apple, Google, Facebook, and other major tech companies have their own bus system from SF to San Jose…”