Muni uses anti-terrorism funds to catch fare cheats

By sfexaminer – excerpt

Since 9/11, cities nationwide have been flooded with funding from the federal government to help prevent more terror attacks on the country.

The money goes to many efforts, like enhancing disaster preparedness across government agencies or beefing up anti-terrorism tactics in local police. It also makes its way to public-transit systems for various policing strategies.

In San Francisco, one of those strategies is catching fare cheats… (more)

We hope that Muni will have some funds left should they need them to deal with terrorists. Considering the high number unwarranted tickets due to technical glitches, there must be better ways to spend the money. Details on how to fight the Muni fare evasion ticket complaints:
Fight fair evasion tickets

Federal Anti-Terrorist Money Used By Muni To Tackle Fare Evasion In San Francisco – By Jeffrey Schaub : cbslocal – excerpt – (audio track) SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Since 9/11 San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency has been using federal counter terrorism grants to help catch bus and rail fare cheaters on Muni. But there are questions about whether such use of funds is appropriate… LISTEN: to the audio track… (more)

We are not the only ones who question this.

SF parking citation officer ‘going rogue’ with unwarranted tickets, neighbors say

By sfexaminer – excerpt

A few weeks ago, Gary Malec received what he believed was an unwarranted parking citation.

Malec has lived on Cayuga Avenue near Glen Park for nearly five years, and said he has long done his due diligence to move his vehicle before the four-hour parking time limit to avoid being ticketed.

And Malec’s ticket wasn’t the first instance.

His girlfriend, roommate and two neighbors also said they were victims of wrongly issued parking tickets in the same area.

So Thursday, Malec, 33, moved his station wagon from a block away to directly in front of his home as a bait car and kept watch from inside the home. Sure enough, around 1 p.m., less than four hours after he parked, he saw a San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency parking control officer approach the vehicle and appear to be writing a ticket.

Malec stepped outside and said, “Excuse me?”

Simultaneously, another outraged neighbor, who had just received a parking ticket, ran up the street with receipts in hand from a trip she had just made to a store to prove that she had not exceeded the four-hour limit.

When the parking control officer saw them, Malec said, she made a U-turn and “sped away on the street, reckless, and she didn’t come around the Friday after that. She’s, like, hiding or something.”

It was only when this parking control officer, badge No. 53, began inspecting the block that neighbors received unwarranted tickets, Gary Malec’s brother said.

“They have to meet a certain quota, I’m sure, and she’s just going around slapping tickets,” said Mark Malec, 23. “She’s going rogue, because this has never been a problem.”.

Gary Malec on Friday gave his testimony before an SFMTA hearing officer and won his case. He will receive a refund of the $74 fine.

But “no action is being taken against this employee based on that investigation,” said SFMTA spokesman Paul Rose, who added that the parking officer who issued the ticket, Andrea Bouie, has been with the agency since 2003 and has no other unwarranted parking citations under her name… (more)

These folks and others who have received unwarranted tickets will likely support the Restore Transportation Balance initiative to change parking policies at SFMTA: