How Will Traffic Suck in S.F. This Year? Let Us Count the Ways – excerpt

Despite one pending lawsuit and one already filed, construction of the Central Subway begins next week, and that is going to entail the partial closure of Columbus Avenue near Washington Square Park. That’s in addition to the section of the bottom of Stockton Street that’s already closed, and causing major bus lines like the 30 and 45 to be rerouted around Union Square, and further mucking up traffic for an already confused populace. Indeed, you need to know this city like the back of your hand AND have an up-to-date navigation system in your car shouting out directions at every turn just to get from A to B on our warren of one-way streets, especially now that you can’t even drive straight down Market legally and unharassed.

Willie Brown’s dubbed it the “Central Circus” and a “fast track to chaos” even though his man Lee and his gal pal Rose Pak remain supporters of the project. He points out that the city recently decided to change two blocks of Grant Avenue, between Bush and Geary, into a two-way street, causing many a near-miss with pedestrians who haven’t caught on.

But let’s not forget the various lane closures and utter clusterfuck surrounding the Transbay terminal construction, and we don’t even know all the detours that will entail over the next year or five…



Construction In San Francisco Reaching Critical Mass, Aggravates Drivers

Utility relocation starting in North Beach on August 13

Central Subway construction will take place on this block of Columbus Avenue near Washington Square Park.

Construction associated with the Central Subway tunnel will begin August 13 in North Beach. The work involves relocating utility lines on a half-block section of Columbus Avenue between Union and Powell streets.

The Central Subway tunnel is planned to extend past the last station in Chinatown to North Beach. When tunneling is complete, the tunnel boring machines (TBMs) will be removed from the ground on Columbus Avenue. The utility work is expected to take approximately four months to complete and is required to prepare for construction of the TBM retrieval shaft.

Surface construction activity will be take place on Columbus Avenue between Union and Powell streets, with some work at the intersection of Columbus Avenue and Union Street. Construction hours will be Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. To mitigate construction impacts, street sweeping will occur on a daily basis, dust and noise will be monitored and controlled, and a traffic control officer and a flagger will facilitate the flow of traffic during work hours…


Opponents of Central Subway Have New Delay Tactic: Union Square Station Deemed Illegal

By Jay Barmann : – excerpt

Another day, another challenge to the Central Subway project, which is literally minutes from getting back underway along the Stockton corridor and up by Union Square. Earlier this week we heard about North Beach merchants and their upcoming lawsuit over the MTA’s plans to close half of Columbus Avenue and generally muck up the Washington Square Park environs for the next couple of years — all while the subway is going to terminate several blocks shy of North Beach, in Chinatown. Today we get news that a new group is making noise about the proposed Union Square Station, saying that the entrance at corner of the park will violate the City Charter and is therefore illegal…


Shouldn’t we take into account the historical value of Washington Square and North Beach?  What will the tourists do while North Beach is under construction? Take work-in-progress tours on the Duck?