SFMTA Pulls 180 on Costly McAllister Traffic Circle

By Nuala Sawyer : sfweekly – excerpt

Step aside, needles and poop! Traffic circles are here, and San Franciscans are not happy.

Officials from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency are backpedaling on an ill-fated traffic circle installed in a residential neighborhood earlier year. The $80,000 circle was installed at McAllister and Steiner streets this spring and is already scheduled for removal — which is another $40,000…

For the past few months, the circle has caused immense confusion for drivers; it doesn’t operate like a normal roundabout, which runs on a first-come, first-serve basis. Instead, two stop signs on Steiner block traffic and give a bus flying down McAllister or a cyclist huffing and puffing up it the right of way through the intersection.

According to neighbors who live along the route, drivers of 5-Fulton buses have been preemptively leaning on their horns as they approach Steiner just in case a car misunderstands the circle and blindly cuts out in front of them… (more)

Here is a perfect example of why we need to overhaul the SFMTA. Too many mistakes and too much wasted taxpayer dollars are going down the drain. Why should the voters support any more money for a failed system? We don’t need faster moving buses. We need a reliable transit system. The Board of Supervisors needs to listen to the operators and maintenance crew and skip the long lunches and meetings with management if they want to find out what the problems are.

Countless Masses: The Number of Commuting Bikers Remains a Mystery

By Joe Eskenazi : sfweekly – excerpt

How bad did things get during last week’s Great BART Strike of 2013? So bad, the Los Angeles Times reported, that a put-upon commuter named Wayne Phillips was forced to pilot his yacht to work.
This may explain why you saw so many more yachts tethered up in your building’s yacht parking area.
All kidding aside, you may well have seen more bikes in the bike parking area. You can’t cycle to the city from Pittsburg. But you can bike to downtown from near Balboa Park and Glen Park stations with relative ease and from the Mission with great ease. But how about some hard data? What does the much-ballyhooed Visible Bike Counter on Market Street reveal?
Alas, as with BART employees last week, the Visible Bike Counter is not working…
If BART employees in the near future return to the picket lines, perhaps the Market Street Visible Bike Counter will be online to reveal cycling trends. In the meantime, we eagerly await the data from the city’s Visible Yacht Counter…  (more)

A new game we can play – count the wasted dollars. How much was that Market Street bike counter? Was it $20K ?

Another waste of money are the traffic islands. Some have already been removed. Probably a bicycle ran into them and took a tumble. How much does it cost to install and remove them? Send us your favorites.


Muni Underground Melts Down at Rush Hour; Also, an F-Line Car Hits a Pedestrian at Church and Market

Tonight was yet another bad night for the SFMTA, as the Muni metro suffered a total and complete meltdown at 6 p.m. due to an alleged blown transformer at Van Ness Station. The SFMTA is blaming rain damage from Sunday morning’s storm, despite the fact that the transformer functioned fine for 36 hours or so after the storm, only to fail at 6 p.m. Monday.
The light rail was shut down in both directions between Embarcadero and the western end of the city, and there was no estimate when it would be restored.
Simultaneously, however, there was an unrelated incident above ground that crippled the F-line heading outbound just before 6 p.m. A female in a wheelchair was struck by an orange F-line car and dragged 570 feet, from Market and Dolores Street to Market and Church…  (more)

Scott Weiner uses this episode to tweet for more Muni funds. Most responses are negative. The public does not buy “Muni is broke” line anyone.

Hot or Not?

BY MATT FULLER, GRI : jacksonfuller.com – excerpt

San Francisco street signs are getting a makeover. As you can see from the montage below, our street signs have decided to stop yelling at drivers and instead use their lower-case voice. Which is shocking at first glance, but has kind of grown on me the more I look at it…


I like the new signs but object the spending money on such things while the SFMTA is over budget. How much are they spending on the new street signs? Which part of the budget are they taking the money from?  Why aren’t they fixing the Muni instead?