Overnight parking

Living on the streets of San Francisco – by Melody

Melody lives on the street in her vehicle and has followed the actions against overnight parking for a number of years. Because she is so passionate and involved in the subject of homeless living in vehicles on SF streets, we are giving Melody a page on Metermadness. She needs no introduction to anyone who has attended SFMTA Board meetings where street after street has been removed from the list of streets overnight dwellers may call home for a night. It appears that the SFMTA, or at least some Board members are getting a conscience and there may be an end in sight to the pressures on overnight dwellers.

Melody is describing the last day the SFMTA Board established a ban on overnight parking. There is some indication from SFMTA staff and board members that this practice will end as they feel as they are not the appropriate department to handle the homeless living in their vehicles. Read below:

FYI OUTCOME of Oct 18th 2016: [aka: No Oversize Vehicles]
A.  Marina Boulevard, both sides, between Laguna Street and Buchanan Street
B.  Buchanan Street, both sides, between Marina Boulevard and North Point Street
C.  North Point Street, both sides, between Laguna Street and Buchanan Street

The SFMTA Board of Directors PASSED this BAN/”Restriction” After some discussion [SFMTA Board member Gwyneth Borden  and Tom Maguire and  Andy Thornley] -no where for OV to go, -OV being “pushed” to other areas creating the same problem on other streets.

Gwyneth Borden: Tho I will vote for No OV this once, I will NOT vote again for this until there is some kind of solution for them -aka: vehicle dwellers– Was there a rep here from Supervisor Offarrel’s office? -she stepped forward- G.W.: “The board of Supervisors need to stop bringing us -SFMTA Board- this -No Oversize Vehicle- issue.” this needs to be taken to the Mayors Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing…

Even though I knew the board would pass this, when they voted I started crying, knowing/picturing those people parked in RV’s being squeezed into the block where I’m parked. I was sitting next to Andy Thornely, he at least showed concern and attempted to comfort me. Kelley Cutler from COH also spoke to the issue, and was next to me and I was so incredibly grateful for her support and encouragement. She stuck by me the whole time.

Below is the SF Examiner news article by Patrick Fitzgerald:
New parking restrictions in Marina District cause alarm for those who sleep in cars

Here is another action that enraged more people than just the street dwellers. As most people who know the area around Barneveld and Paou Avenues is an industrial zone filled with many PDR contractors and especially businesses owned by people of color who park their trucks on the street. This brings up another issue of the need for parking for PDR businesses that started us on the path to creating the metermadness movement to begin with. First they take your parking spaces and next they come after your jobs and your homes. That is how gentrification works. It is classic class warfare. In this case, it is removal of middle class jobs and homeless vehicles in one fell swoop.

FYI OUTCOME of Oct 14th 2016:
A.  Dorman Avenue, both sides, between Barneveld Avenue and Palou Avenue
B.  Palou Avenue, both sides, between Barneveld Avenue and Industrial Street
C.  Apparel Way, both sides, between Barneveld Avenue and Barneveld Avenue
D.  Barneveld Avenue, both sides, between Industrial Street and Oakdale Avenue

Afterward discussion in hallway with Andy Thornley; Too many businesses would be negatively effected by this restriction. The businesses present would/will get together and perhaps come up with a street by street solution. perhaps each street would need a different solution. -Unfortunately, eventually the end result will have the same impact removing parking spaces from Oversize Vehicles-


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